The first clean energy accelerator and capital network in Puerto Rico


The Puerto Rico Energy Capital Access Program assists businesses, cooperatives, community energy programs, and municipalities in preparing for and gaining access to capital required to realize their energy infrastructure investment plans. We support building capacities through mentorship, consulting, and instruction for renewable energy projects. PRECAP operates with a grant from the CDBG-DR SBIA program.  

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Our Services


Individualized mentorship by leading industry experts


Accelerate renewable energy projects through virtual seminars 


Support and preparation on how to request financing for energy infrastructure

Through general assemblies and workshops, gain practical skills and an understanding of renewable energy projects. Topics covered include: 




Fill out PRECAP Cohort Application


Submit Intake Form (Departamento de Vivienda)




Send PRE-PRECAP documents to


“Puerto Rico can be an example of how any region, any island, any part of the United States and even any nation can depend 100% on renewable resources.”
 Secretary Jennifer Granholm, Department of Energy 


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Frequenly Asked Questions


PRECAP is a free program.

PRECAP lasts for 8 weeksAny adjustments to the schedule will be discussed with  participants.

Every project is different, but you should be prepared to meet for 2 general assemblies per week, an individualized weekly mentoring appointment, and turn in weekly deliverables. An approximate base time of 5-6 hours per week is calculated. 

PRECAP is designed in Spanish, with accommodations for English translation of the material. 

PRECAP does not provide grants or cash prizes. If selected, the participating project will receive consulting and advice from industry expert mentors valued at $30k. 

PRECAP has a diverse team of mentors and resources. Our mentors are located in both Puerto Rico and the United States. They have extensive experience in different aspects within the renewable energy industry such as: project management, nancing, commercialization, RFPs, public policy and regulation, among others.

Because our program is an accelerator, projects are required to have some maturity in their development. You must have an existing project or be in preliminary stages, have a work team of 2 or more people and have taken PRE-PRECAP as requirements to be accepted. 

PRECAP does not offer grants or cash. PRECAP is designed to build critical capabilities and helps organize projects so that they can independently solicit and access different sources of capital. 

PRECAP does not offer grants or cash. PRECAP is designed to build critical capabilities and helps organize projects so that they can independently solicit and access different sources of capital. 

The program has 3 cohorts per year (spring, summer and fall). Our application periods are made public on our social networks and our website. Once the application is received and the Intake Form is submitted, we begin to evaluate your application.  
After the evaluation, a preliminary call is made to guide you about the program and better understand your project. As a next step, a video conference is coordinated with your team and the PRECAP team, including the main instructor of the program.  
After this process, the applications are evaluated, and your project to meet the  requirements, an invitation is made to the program subject to comply with the  sending of the necessary evidence for the Intake Form and the sending of the PRE- PRECAP documents. 

PRECAP does not establish an academic level or minimum knowledge requirement of renewable energy or engineering. The purpose of the program is to build critical capabilities in  the management of renewable energy projects in Puerto Rico. Our main requirement related to knowledge is to comply with the PRE-PRECAP online course and to have submitted the documents worked by email. 

PRECAP looks for projects that are more developed than just the conceptual idea. In  other words, they must be projects with a certain maturity and that can be developed and scalable. The PRECAP program is not a continuing education program.


Pre-PRECAP is a free online course at your own pace where you can learn basics  
about renewable energy project management. The following documents are  
developed in the course:

  •  Project Charter
  • Organizational chart
  • Energy Demand Analysis
  • Risk Matrix 

PRECAP is an accelerator of renewable energy projects for small businesses, cooperatives and municipalities that provides service to the 78 municipalities that lasts 8 weeks. It is sponsored by CBDG-DR funds from the Department of Housing through the SBIA. 
On the other hand, PRE-PRECAP is a free online course that serves as a prerequisite to apply to our intensive 8-week PRECAP program, and you can start whenever you want. It will allow you to know at what stage of development your project is. 


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