Solar IT

Workforce training program in solar technology design, management, and sales.

Registration Opens on July 16, 2024

Course Starts August 20,2024

What is SOLAR IT?

Solar IT is a Job Training Program in the design, management and sales of solar technology. Benefits as a student of the Solar IT Program: You will learn to design, sell and manage photovoltaic systems from specialized software. We have designed Solar IT to prepare professionals in Design/Sale, and operation of design software and creation of proposals. In addition, you will learn basic concepts about Photovoltaic Systems, Energy Efficiency and Customer Orientation.

You will be part of the Energy Transformation of Puerto Rico together with a community committed to renewable energy. You will get Results. As you go deeper into the course you will gain the professional tools necessary to work as a PV system design professional.

Solar IT is a completely free program thanks to the sponsorship of CDBG-DR funds from the Department of Housing.

Get certified in technology solar design completely online.


Generate Technology Solar Designs in Specialized Software.


Learn Management Principles of Photovoltaic Projects.


Acquire Sales Skills in Solar Technology.

How Solar IT works?