Welcome to PRECAP Cohort 9!

Welcome to PRECAP Cohort 9!

The ninth PRECAP Cohort has begun!

Last Saturday, March 9, 2024, marked the start of a new chapter for renewable energy innovation in Puerto Rico with the official commencement of the ninth PRECAP cohort. The cohort kickoff event took place at our Piloto 151 Santurce Parada 18 offices.

We are proud to present the selected projects for this cohort:

☀️ Jireh Solar LLC: Development of a 10 MW microgrid in the town of Barceloneta with a storage capacity of 6-7 MW in an area covering an industrial park, critical loads such as a hospital and water infrastructure, residential areas, and small businesses.

☀️ Hidropónicos William: A small hydroponics business in Utuado that harvests lettuce and cilantro. Currently operating 14 stations, it aims to expand its business by installing renewable energy for resilience and covering operational costs.

☀️ Q Energy Services: A small energy services business in Río Grande looking to expand as a provider of renewable energy services with solar panels and batteries. It aims to offer energy demand analysis both before and after installation.

☀️ Granja Ecológica Pescavida: A fish farming business in the municipality of Caguas currently operating with a generator and a number of solar panels. It seeks to promote sustainable agricultural practices and food security by expanding generation to 100% renewable sources and reducing operational costs.

Stay tuned to our social media for more updates and information about this cohort and all PRECAP graduate programs.

PRECAP is an incubator and accelerator program for renewable energy projects under SBIA CDBG-DR funds from the Departamento de Vivienda de Puerto Rico.