Primary Initiatives

Accelerating Energy Infrastructure Transformation

Support and venture with local solar + storage companies, microgrid providers, investors, lenders, technology providers, and others to implement accelerated programmatic approaches to marketing, financing, and execution of distributed generation and storage for industrial, commercial, and residential customers

  • Credit Measurement: Establish an on-island commercial counterparty credit rating and monitoring venture to add transparency and credibility to underpin structured financial solutions and unlock progressively larger and more efficient sources of capital.

  • PACE: Formed Gaining PACE in Puerto Rico to establish an active and liquid Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing market to drive commercial property adoption and ownership of broad energy and other infrastructure resiliency improvements. Leverage the value of the built environment instead of only relying on traditional credit measures.

  • Capital Formation: Establish and manage a pool of funds to invest in well-structured opportunities as a bridge to a point where market scale, structure, and risk perception support participation by more established capital providers.

  • Cooperative Formation: The Foundation is setting up an effort to drive cooperative formation in support of local communities by creating the credit structures and investment pathways necessary to deploy and scale hundreds of megawatts of distributed generation and energy storage.

  • Utility Reinvention: Support the creation and growth of a new type of utility for the 21st Century on the “Prosumer” Model at scale – a champion for Puerto Rico and a critical component of the future energy infrastructure. No legacy costs, debt, performance, or political issues. Can move NOW to accelerate power, stability, and resiliency to grid while lowering costs to customers, creating and protecting jobs, driving commerce. Scale will provide market and financial confidence and an element of organization and coordination to dozens of smaller, ad hoc operations. Can be precisely the kind of partner/counterparty a transformed PREPA desperately needs in a revitalized system.

Regulatory Development and Investment Support

Act as a credible partner, advisor and grant recipient/administrator to support Federal and Commonwealth efforts for revitalization and transformation

  • Energy Regulation: Puerto Rico's new regulatory regime will be the first  in the world to manage the transformation from a traditional vertical utility, central generation model to a distributed "prosumer" model. This is one of the linchpin areas that can facilitate or hinder the successful recovery and transformation. Puerto Rico has the privilege and the responsibility to rewrite the utility regulatory handbook for the 21st century. There are some examples and road maps for part of what must be done but zero precedents for the direction in which Puerto Rico must and will move.

  • Federal Loan and Grant Program Development: The proliferation of small scale distributed systems is critical but not sufficient to rebuild and transform the energy infrastructure. Puerto Rico will still need efficient and functional transmission, distribution, and central generation – albeit cleaner, less costly, and more dynamic than before. Without federal government support, it could easily be 5 years or more before PREPA’s successors are financially and operationally recovered enough to act as a trusted and creditworthy counterparty. The Foundation stands ready to create and partner to implement and use federally supported investment structures and potential new disaster recovery loans or payment guarantees

Coalición de los Dispuestos para Puerto Rico (CDPR)

The CDPR is a voluntary social and professional network run by the Fundación Borincana aimed at sharing information and accelerating cooperation toward the development and implementation of solutions to Puerto Rico’s energy infrastructure and economic issues

  • Members come from business, finance, legal, tax, Federal and Commonwealth government, foundations, NGOs, citizens groups, etc.

  • Members receive periodic updates on developments in Puerto Rico and with the activities of the Foundation itself, are invited to participate in a cloud-based forum, and receive advanced notice of Foundation and CDPR events, gatherings, conference calls, and webinars

  • There is no cost to join

If you would like more information about any of the above areas of focus or initiatives, are interested in potentially partnering with the Foundation, or if you want to join the Coalición de los Dispuestos, please send your inquiries along with contact information and sufficient detail to:

Borincana Foundation Inc. (Fundación Borincana)
a Puerto Rican Charitable Organization under Section 1101.01(a)(2) and a U.S. non-profit 501c(3) 
IRS Determination Letter available on request
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