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Our main program for 2020 is the Puerto Rico Energy Capital Access Program (PRECAP) where we will be providing financial education and technical assistance to help community groups, municipalities and businesses prepare for and access capital for their energy projects - generating jobs, economic activity, and new, resilient, sustainable, distributed energy infrastructure.

PRECAP is supported by a $395,000 grant from the US Department of Agriculture but this has a 10% matching requirement which means we need to raise $40,000 to unlock this capital. 

Your contributions when applied to the PRECAP grant will expand 10 times! 


Your donation of $50, $100, or $250 can unlock $500, $1000, or $2500 respectively to help the people of Puerto Rico.

Multiply your philanthropic funding 10 times! 

Puerto Rico is the poorest part of the United States - almost 1.5 million people live in poverty – and has been devastated by natural and man-made disasters.

The Fundación undertakes institutional and structural development that government and the private sector are unable or unwilling to address - doing those necessary things large and small with a focus on impact - engaging in economic and community development of energy infrastructure, unblocking markets, and unlocking investment to assist Puerto Rico realize its potential.


Through your gift you will join others in working with us to establish the critical capacities in Puerto Rico to proactively develop a modern, resilient, distributed energy infrastructure.

We would like to thank the American Renewable Energy Institute for their Fiscal Sponsorship which helped us get started. We encourage you to learn more about them and support their great work.

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Borincana Foundation Inc. (Fundación Borincana)
a Puerto Rican Charitable Organization under Section 1101.01(a)(2) and a U.S. non-profit 501c(3) 
IRS Determination Letter available on request
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