Support The PR Clean Energy Transformation Fund!

We are counting on your support in the raising of $200,000 to extend and expand on our core programming and outreach that will build on our learnings and drive Puerto Rico's clean energy transformation.

We have configured the PR Clean Energy Transformation Fund to connect our levels of support directly to the resources most needed by our participants and beneficiaries.  Fundacìon Borincana is not a grant making organization, what we do instead  is organize expertise and resources that can be deployed and applied to Puerto Rico and we also  create scholarships to cover the programming fees of participants to develop their projects.

Puerto Rico's energy transformation presents a long term pathway to sustainable economic growth and environmental sustainability that will impact growing regions all over the world. Please support Fundacion Borincana's  vision of a prosperous Puerto Rico transformed to lead the world in resilient, inclusive energy infrastructure and sustainable energy business innovation

We appreciate every amount of support we receive from our donors who care about Puerto Rico's energy future. Every Watt counts!

Levels of Support

TeraWatt Donors ($5000 or more):

Unlock Extensive Project Development

GigaWatt Donors ($2500 or more):

Enable Accelerated Project Programming

MegaWatt Donors ($1000 or more):

Activate Project Design & Modeling 

KiloWatt Donors ($500 or more):

Support Workforce Training Services


You May Also Give Via

All supporters will receive recognition on our Facebook page and radio show in addition to an official receipt of transaction. For GigaWatt &  TerraWatt donors, we will also link your business or initiatives directly on our website. We'd love to have a follow up conversation to answer any and all questions and incorporate your feedback. Thank you very much for your consideration and support!

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