Cohort I

  • Tallaboa Community Microgrid Project

    First scalable community multi-user microgrid in Puerto Rico, offering lower costs for electricity and increased resiliency for the Tallaboa Community located in Peñuelas in the Southern Coast of the Island. The microgrid will transform Tallaboa into an oasis ensuring that businesses remain open and productive processes remain operational.

    Jim Baus – Founder

  • Proyecto ReEnFoCo

    The Community Resiliency through Photovoltaic Energy Project consists of 5 MW of rooftop solar + storage systems prioritizing businesses, community centers, and residences in the municipalities of Adjuntas, Jayuya and Utuado.

    C.P. Smith – Executive Director

  • Green Gas PR

    Seeking to create a bio-economy industry by constructing the first commercial biodigestor unit and producer of renewable natural gas in Puerto Rico. The project will be able to provide a domestic energy source in the island by treating organic waste as a product of anaerobic digestion. The plant will produce food-grade CO2, methanol, fertilizer, among other byproducts.

    Louis Viana - Founder

  • Centro Sor Isolina Ferré - Guayama

    Nonprofit that has operated in the island for the past 51 years, providing education, elderly care services, and after school programs. Specifically, the Guayama Center provides educational services and offers drug prevention programs for all 650 residents of the Puente Jobos community. It also serves as a Macro Hub in case of emergency scenarios.

    María Lecompte – Grants Director

  • Footprint Project

    Mobile Solar nonprofit with mission of providing a greener and cleaner energy for disaster relief efforts. Since starting in 2018, they have deployed over 45+ kW of mobile solar with 170+ kWh of mobile batteries for 10+ disasters around the US mainland and Puerto Rico and have served over 14,000 US citizens. Goal is to assemble a fleet of mobile solar + battery power systems in Puerto Rico.

    Will Heegaard - Operations Director

  • Radio Grito

    Family owned radio station since 1986 that serves the community of the Lares municipality in the central mountainous region of Puerto Rico. During Hurricanes Irma and Maria, the radio station served as a hub for communication, medical storage and assistance for six months. Want to add a solar + storage system to provide resiliency and expand their efforts during emergency scenarios.

    Pedro Hernández - Owner

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