Coalición de los Dispuestos

para Puerto Rico (CDPR)

The CDPR is a voluntary social and professional network run by the Fundación Borincana aimed at sharing information and accelerating cooperation toward the development and implementation of solutions to Puerto Rico’s energy infrastructure and economic issues

  • Members come from business, finance, legal, tax, Federal and Commonwealth government, foundations, NGOs, citizens groups, etc.

  • Members receive periodic updates on developments in Puerto Rico and with the activities of the Foundation itself, are invited to participate in a cloud-based forum, and receive advanced notice of Foundation and CDPR events, gatherings, conference calls, and webinars

  • There is no cost to join

Webinar Series

Fundación Borincana President Thomas King speaks with former Commissioner José Román, Pace Energy & Climate Center's Thomass Bourgeois, and former Revitalization Coordinator for teh FOMB Noel Zamot.

Panelists will discuss the current and future shape of Puerto Rico's energy system and regulatory regime, place it in context of current political and economic uncertainty, and add perspectives on opportunities and challenges created by the new Energy Policy Law, proposed Integrated Resource Plan, and proposed Wheeling Regulation.

Energy Storage will begin to find its true calling in the transformation of Puerto Rico's energy infrastructure. The draft Integrated Resource Plan calls for installing more energy storage in the next 3 years than currently exists in the entire US combined. And this probably falls short of the mark!

Will Batteries rule the day? Or is there room for Fuel Cells? Will they compete for share or are there distinct applications of the technologies that favor one or the other?

Tom King hosts a Web Panel will including: Gabriel Perez, Blue Planet Energy; Michael Coskun, Doosan; and Daniel Borneo, Sandia Labs

Fundación Borincana Founding Director Tom King discusses the current state of play in Puerto Rico energy, the activities of the Foundation, and outlines the obstacles, opportunities, and pathways available for investment and participation in the transformation of Puerto Rico's energy infrastructure.

The formation of electric cooperatives in Puerto Rico will be key to establishing the foundations upon which a resilient, sustainable, distributed, and democratic system of energy infrastructure will rise. Unidos por Utuado and CP Smith are at the forefront of this effort - moving faster and more ambitiously than any other group on the island and were recently recognized with an award from the Puerto Rico Big Ideas Challenge, sponsored by the Fundación Banco Popular and the Hispanic Federation. Fundación Borincana Founding Director Tom King talks to CP about the development plans for the Cooperative, the broader opportunities this may unveil, and what this could mean for other communities on the island. 

Fundación Borincana Founding Director Tom King discusses the formation of a group to establish a Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing program in Puerto Rico with Elyssa Rothe of PACE Nation, Cisco DeVries of Renew Financial, Bracken Hendricks of Urban Ingenuity, and Michael Yaki of CleanFund Commercial PACE Finance.

Fundación Borincana Founding Director Tom King discusses the future of energy regulation in Puerto Rico with Jose Roman, former Chairman of the Puerto Rico Energy Commission, and Paul Walker, utility regulation expert and Director of ConservAmerica.

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