Our Approach

Impact Philanthropy 

Change can be achieved in real time to unlock potential in Puerto Rico with leadership and investment thoughtfully provided and applied by credible people.


The Foundation will operate through a novel approach (holistic, entrepreneurial problem solvers) that might be characterized as “impact philanthropy” - advocating for strong, transparent policies and undertaking individual, institutional, and structural development that government and the private sector are unwilling or unable to address - acting as a responsible partner to government, and lowering the participation risks for the private sector - doing those necessary things large and small with a focus on impact, not media attention.

We do not install microgrids, for example. We work to make it easier for people to sell, interconnect, finance and operate many, many, many microgrids.

To do this, the Foundation looks at the entire puzzle - all those policy and market barriers to success - and works to deploy solutions that are top-down, bottom-up, and even middle-out!

Think about it this way.


Imagine a patient who comes into the hospital. Your job is to get them well. You don’t just spot the gash on the head, put a bandage on it, and send them off. You examine comprehensively, learn they have been in a car accident, determine there is a concussion, internal bleeding with possible organ damage, broken femur, and that the patient has a nasty pre-existing condition. You triage and come up with a course of treatment for the whole patient. (Then you learn the patient doesn’t have insurance and you are back to square 1!)

The point is we cannot just focus on the most visible issues with treatments that failed in the past and expect the patient to get better. We will encounter issues that are not obvious at first glance and we need to be innovative. Furthermore, all the treatment and healing does not take place in the hospital; we need to set the patient up for success in recovery.

If we want to unblock markets, unlock investment and transform Puerto Rico we have to do all these things and we cannot just treat one symptom at a time.

Borincana Foundation Inc. (Fundación Borincana)
a Puerto Rican Charitable Organization under Section 1101.01(a)(2) and a U.S. non-profit 501c(3) 
IRS Determination Letter available on request
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